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Our Company

Our business model includes a continuous analysing of the innovative technology market and creative thinking of each particular member of our team. Consequently, we can be a step ahead of our competitors at the planning stage.

A continuous flow of external investments from our partners from around the world allows us to develop multiple times faster than our competitors without being tightened by particular budget frames.

Our Advantages

Ambitions of our employees grow with every new achievement of ours, and as an example, we can proudly introduce our new ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.2.00. The miner which has shown to the world what an eco-friendly and super-productive mining instrument can be. It is manufactured to the highest standards, exceptionally user-friendly and genuinely second to none among its known counterparts.

CFxtrade uses various marketing strategies aimed at the achievement of maximum recognition among mining tool manufacturing corporations, starting with classical advertisement and up to Multi-Level Marketing elements: all to popularise ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.2.00 around the world in short time.

The first experimental prototype of ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.1.00 was presented to the Board. Even at the prototype stage, it showed results greater than the most of world mining equipment. The Board was so pleased with the results that agreed to continue financing this project to improve the v.1.00 prototype. Additionally, a budget was allocated for construction of ASIC Miner ECO Solar factory at an industrial scale with its location in Iceland. The climate there was perfect for the ASIC Miner ECO Solar technology.

The Science Department has finished its improvement work, and the company introduced the ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.2.00 prototype to the world. It surpassed its predecessor on all parameters and proved to be the best example of the mining equipment that has ever existed. After the presentations, the company has sustained a high flow of new investments, so that production line of ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.2.00 has been started in a short time on the newly-built factory in Iceland.

The Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks

Provides the person (s) entitled to own this patent the right to exclude others from the creation, use, offer for sale or sale of the invention or import of the invention for a period of 20 years from the date of receipt of the patent certificate. Patent Number: 8,759,864 United States Patent Date of receipt of the Patent certificate on January 10, 2018 The expiry date of the Patent Certificate on January 10, 2038. Title of invention: ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.2.00 Inventors: Mitch Brown , Tomas Harrison. The certificate is certified by the head of the US Patent and Trademark Commission Todd Rich. doc

About Us

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License issued by TAURISE LIMITED Commission for Regulation of Investment and Financial Activities and Control of the Securities Market The European Union represented by the European Financial Stabilization Mechanism (EFSM) In accordance with the provisions of the Law, the following services provided to third parties fall under the concept of investment services, namely: - Acquisition and trust management of finances and securities on behalf of and at the expense of the client. - Receiving and transferring funds from individuals and legal entities for the purpose of using them in the company's investment activities. - Storage and management of clients' financial instruments, including depositary storage and related services, as well as guarantees. This document is confirmed by the commission on investments and representatives of control over investment activites of the EU in the person: Klaus Regling Uwe Kröger Frank Müller


TAURISE LIMITED ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.2.00 Scotland, Edinburgh, 1 Leith St, EH1 3SP The certificate of quality for the invention of the company TAURISE LIMITED, confirming that the invention of ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.2.00 passed all necessary safety and quality control checks, in accordance with the criteria for assessing the quality of equipment in the US and the Virginia State Commission. Specifications: ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.2.00 Hash algorithm: SHA-256 hashrate: 56.7 TH / s ± 10% chip: BM1387 technical process: 16nm number of chips: 322 pieces Operating frequency default: 1600MHz network interface: Ethernet cooling: hydrocooling Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 50 ° C Energy efficiency: 0.2 W / GH / s power consumption: 1320W when using solar panels ECO Solar voltage: 11.60 ~ 13.00V power supply: Bitmain apw4 ++ - 15-1600-a3 (exlusive) Power interface: Ten 5-pin PCI-E connectors Overall dimensions external dimensions: 750mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 320mm (height)

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